Thursday, December 29, 2011

The end of the Homeless Families Foundation.

"There was a rat bigger than my shoe in that basement, flat as hell too." Tim Shaw comments as he and his working partner Mike Rusch carry a ratty old couch out of a small apartment on Grubb Street that used to be someone's home. The government is no longer funding The Homeless Families Foundation, and as a result the organization is forced to move all tennants out of the shelters they had provided them. "I'm about to be homeless myself," Tim says as he wipes the grime on his hands onto his jeans, "I just lost my job, but it'll work out, someone from my church will help me." He says this with confidence and nonchalantly as if it is the least of his worries. Although there are no more homeless residents in the apartment building, that doesnt mean they arent still around. As Tim and Mike continue to fill the dumpster with trash it seems as though the homeless hanging near by are snatching up the goods just as fast. After they are done moving materials out of the apartments Tim and Mike scrap any valuable metal from the furniture. "Just a little side money." Tim says as he unscrews the metal back of a chair with a butter knife. 

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