Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bobcats VS The Ragin' Cajuns

On October 30th, 2010, the Ohio University Bobcats played their 2nd to last home game against The University of Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns. In the end the Bobcats came out victorious 38-31. I was shooting the game from the sidelines and here are some the shots I took.

Of course a nice shot of the Marching 110 is appropriate to start this post.

That is all for now I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

LGBT Candle Light Vigil

      On Wednesday October 20th, the Ohio University Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (lgbt) community held a candle light vigil the recent deaths of four young men who were bullied by fellow peers due to their perceived homosexuality. These young men were all driven to suicide due to the constant aggressive harassment.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a Preview

This post is to be my first post, and it's being posted oh several months after creating this account. Damn that's exciting huh? Not especially, I know. But nonetheless, I am going to start by posting some of my older work. Some of it dates back to my senior year in high school (08-09) and some of it dates back to last week. These are just some good images to show what my work is all about. Enjoy!

This is a picture taken at the North Market, located on the Short North in my home city, Columbus, Ohio.

Shot on (again) the Short North on a cold October night, during the districts monthly art festival Gallery Hop.

An example of some older work of mine. Shot last winter in December, a good friend of mine enjoys smoking from a hookah in the back of his van before going to work.

The zoo, always a great place to shoot,     at times a very depressing place to shoot as well.

Again, a picture from a trip to the Columbus Zoo.

One of my favourite pictures from the summer time this past summer. The event? The Violet Fest. Just about the biggest thing to happen every year to my hometown Pickerington, OH.

Again a shot from The Violet Fest. A man with a prosthetic leg and a woman watch screaming kids enjoying the nauseating 'Twister' ride.

Unexpected smiles, from unexpected people. Despite being cold, despite being hungry, Kenny Reed smiles while I take a quick portrait of him outside the North Market. Still a mystery, I somehow manage to run into Kenny every time I visit the Short North.

An example of some of my portrait work, Jason Armstrong, Freshman at OU happened to pass me by one day while I was on my way to class. On a spur of the moment decision I  caught up to him, introduced myself, and asked if he minded if I got a few pictures of him. He was more than happy to oblige.

This is an example of a little bit of my work from High School this was shot sometime in December of 2008. Pretty if nothing else.

Also some of my work from High School. Even older than the image above, this was shot in October of 2008.

This man playing around with the fake ears, is Professor Jeff DiGiovanni of the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Ohio University. Although horsing around now, DiGiovanni has made a breakthrough in hearing aid technology, a breakthrough that will make hearing technology more affordable.

Gritty stuff, an OU Softball player diving back to the safety of first base.

This was the first picture I took with my first DSLR: a Nikon D-60.

A good image to end on, a tattoo artist, taking a break from tattooing. 

-That's it for now, I hope you enjoy these until the next batch gets posted.