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Portfolio 2012

Clark "Wayne" walks by a row of tents  which he and other homeless residents of Columbus, Ohio set up beneath a bridge. Several days after this photo was taken, Wayne and the others were forced to move their camp by the railroad company.

K. W. ties off in a parking lot in Pickerington, Ohio. The use of prescription painkillers has led to a dramatic increase in heroin usage in young adults.  "I never would have stuck a needle in my arm if I knew where it'd take me." Several months after this photo was taken K. left for New York where she now holds a job.

Rev. Jesse Jackson sits with Kierra Barclay, Richard Bradley, Alexis Wills, and Quiana Rivers prior to delivering a speech at Ohio University about poverty. 
Following a day and a half binge after two weeks of sobriety, Twenty-year-old M P. loads his syringe with a 'rinse', heroin residue that is left stuck to the spoon used to cook with. "I would have saved some for this morning last night, but thats the story of being a junky, I'd save for tomorrow if I didn't have to use tonight." M, like many younger heroin addicts, comes from a suburb outside of a large city. These suburbs are targeted by drug dealer because of the high income associated with such areas.

Freshman infielder Jenna Giusti dives for first during the end of the 6th inning at the Ohio Women's softball game against Buffalo on Sunday April 25th. The Bobcats won the game 5-3.

A young boy walks along the Vietnam Wall Memorial on 11/13/10 during the Wall's visit to Pickerington's American Legion Post 283.

Bobcats wide receiver Steven Goulet finds a hole in the Ragin' Cajun's defensive line and breaks through during the Bobcats home game on Halloween 2010 at Ohio University.

Donning Mad Hatter attire and sitting in front of TORSO, a clothing and seasonal costume shop on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio, Dennis Ingle locks eyes with an unsettled customer during Gallery Hop on October 2nd 2010. "I've only been doing this for a year, that is last October I mean, but I love the crowds during [gallery hop]."

Four year old Bradley Riley watches Bobcat defensive player number 15 Craig Myeroff of Akron, Ohio during  The Ohio University Bobcats vs the Pittsburgh Panthers game on October 14th in Byrd Arena. The Bobcats won the game 7-1.

Police officers watch smoke pour out of a house at Palmer Fest. Partiers were quickly moved away from the area as Athens Fire Department officers arrived to extinguish the flames during Palmer Fest 2012. The fire was later ruled an act of arson.

While waiting in line to see the Vietnam Wall Memorial at the American Legion Post 283 on November 13, 2010 , Grace Wheeler of Pickerington, Ohio, prays in front of a cross that marks the grave of a soldier from Pickerington who died during the Vietnam War.  The Memorial is a smaller replica of the Vietnam Wall that travels across the country.

Paintings and fashion aren't the only art forms present at this time of night on North High during the Gallery Hop. Sole Classics shoe shop bumps with primitive rhythms as DJ O'Sharp scratches records on his turntable while the small crowd in the shop pulses with his beat. "Love doin' it dawg, all I can say," the sweaty DJ says as he scratches vinyl on the shiny new turntable.

James Hammond of Columbus, Ohio, moves a food cart past the cafeteria of the open Shelter where he volunteers his time 5 days a week.  James, who himself used to be homeless, credits the open shelter for getting him off the streets. "My story is that I made it," he comments.

A girl walks by the High Fest fire on High Street on April 24, 2010.  Police and firemen responded shortly after the fire was set and disbanded most of the mob.

A video about the Community Gardens in Athens, Ohio.

A story about Ryan Hommoelle, a young adult fighting addiction and taking care of his family.

The Photo Story I did on Ryan

Ryan is prayed over by fellow churchmates after being saved during a soaking. "The spirit of Christ fills you, it is the greatest high there is." Ryan commented after the ceremony.

Ryan Hommoelle, 20 years old from Pickerington Ohio, chugs a beer by the railroad tracks one evening while on a walk. Ryan struggles to make money running his own lawncare business during the summers while also watching his younger siblings.  

Ryan  Hommoelle shakes during  a panic attack and smokes a cigarette to relax. "It's hard man, when you're young you think you'll have it all figured out by the time your an adult, but you won't." Ryan suffers from a panic disorder among other medical issues that make finding steady work difficult.

Ryan's companion and best friend, his Aerdale Retriever "Buddy", lays with Ryan while he sits in his room. Due to a misdiagnosis at the age of 14, Ryan's body became addicted to various medications.

Ryan puts his niece Sophie to bed while his parents are away at a painting job. "It's almost like a father daughter relationship, or what I think one would be like, I've seen her grow up, I've always been the one to take care of her when my parents were gone or when my mom was sick."
"Sometimes I feel like I got the Short end of the stick in life, but with Sophie, as long as I can be there to help her grow up, and not make some of the mistakes I did, I'll be happy."
Ryan unscrews a cap to one of his medications.

After unsuccessfully trying to sell clothes to buy gasoline, Ryan cries. "I won't be able to eat tonight or go look for a job tommorrow." In the wintertime Ryan's lanscaping business comes to  a standstill and the need to make money other ways becomes an issue.

Ryan kisses his best friend Buddy on the nose. The 10 year old Aeredale Retriever was recently found to have skin cancer. "He's my best friend, I talk to him more than my friends, we'll see how it goes."

Ryan passes out in the back of a friends car.

Ryan drinks from a Steel Reserve Tall Boy after spending the day watching after Sophie. "I can't drink much because of the medications, but sometimes it's nice to get away."

Ryan sits by a bridge one evening and relaxes.

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